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Swinging hedgehog necklace


You know how hedgehogs swing along the telephone wires?
You’ve not seen it?
That’s because they’re nocturnal so they only do it at night.

My wife has a thing for hedgehogs so I made her this necklace a few years back and then put it on Facebook just for the interest. I was then inundated with requests for one so I’ve relented (with my wife’s permission, of course) and am now offering them for sale.

They’re mounted on a neck wire, free moving rather than fixed. (They have little hands that grasp the wire). If you’d prefer them on a chain then I could probably make that work as well.

As you can imagine, they are not quick and easy to make as each prickle has to be soldered in individually and then beaded up. Something of a labour of love but then, if it were easy then everyone would be doing it and you’d see them all over the place. As it is, you’ll be getting something if not unique then certainly unusual. An old friend persuaded me to make him a version with gold detail and I’ve added an image of that one. It was a nightmare. I’m prepared to relive that nightmare if you want one but you’ll have to bid high!

I should mention that each hedgehog has a name. You can, of course, rename yours through the normal official channels.

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