The Rogue’s Gallery

Why the ‘Rogue’s Gallery’?
In this section you’ll find all the jewellery that doesn’t fit into my normal range.

Here we have:

  • Pieces that were made as one-offs for clients … who then didn’t take them
  • Design ideas that never made it into production
  • Designs that are no longer part of my range
  • Jewellery that has been sold to me for scrap but which I can’t bear to melt down.

Much of it has been discounted and on some pieces you can make me and offer so you may
well get a bargain here.

Where does all this stuff come from then?

I can’t draw. That seems to be the main problem. The upshot of this is that when I want to convey to a client what their jewellery is going to look like it’s generally easier and quicker to make something in silver rather than to present them with a drawing and watch their puzzled face as they turn it this way and that in order to try and make the incoherent scribbles on the page look like a piece of jewellery.

Making something physical also brings a benefit to the client, as it means that they can then hold and wear the piece. Often a ring that looks great on the page just doesn’t work on the finger.

This process has left me with a box of half finished pieces and ideas in development. Once in a while, when I get the chance, I dig one out and finish it up for the Rogue’s Gallery.

In the box, I also have pieces that I set up to cast for clients. This is a time consuming process but, once the mould is made up, it’s relatively quick to make a second piece and so it makes sense to run a few more off the mould rather than leave it languishing for the next 20 years.

I also use the Gallery to sell pieces that are no longer part of the range and those I’ve been left with by wholesalers who tend to drop a line just when you’ve made up six months worth of stock!

Anything that you buy from my site can be returned for a full refund if you find that you don’t like it. I’ll even refund you your original postage if you tell me why you’re returning it.


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