The trouble with fingers

I met a lady at a 50th birthday party last year. Like many ladies at that stage in their lives, her body was proving uncooperative

New for old

You’d not wear a dress that you bought in the 1970’s (except possibly to a fancy dress party) but many of us wear significant jewellery


My wife has a thing for hedgehogs. At first I thought that it was culinary but apparently it’s about their prickly cuteness. She also likes


If you read my Commissions page then you’ll see that I talk about making a mock-up of the proposed piece before finalising the design, buying

The naming of things

Musings about the naming of things and the hunt for a name for an unusual piece of jewellery

Rubies with a conscience

As any of you who follow my blog will know, I’ve been growing a conscience over the past few years. This is a result of


I’ve been making these interlinking bracelets and necklaces for years. They are one of my simplest and most successful designs. I have found that that

Argentium flex bracelet

My niece asked me to make a bracelet for her mother last Christmas. Nothing special, just a carat and a half of diamonds set into

Fair Trade Gold

I remember, as a kid, digging in the garden of the old Georgian house that we rented and turning up all sorts of treasure (junk)

Stacks of rings

Stacking rings have been enjoying something of a renaissance recently. It could be something to do with the charm bead revolution. Last Christmas I was

Guardian Angels

I had a client last year who’s grown up daughter was going travelling. She wanted to give her something as a keepsake and also to

Opals: a gem stone on LSD

I had to cut an opal for a white gold pendant that I made on commission this week. It got me thinking about how crazy

Silver Orca

‘On Margate sands I can connect nothing with nothing, Just the broken fingernails of dirty hands.’ The Wasteland by T.S. Elliot (Just something that was