If you’re looking for jewellery for your wedding then I may be able to help you.

You needn’t be restricted by the range on this web site; every year I make many wedding and engagement rings to order, working from the client’s brief.

I can generally make anything that you would find in the shops but at a lower price or I can match the price but provide bigger stones or better materials.

Please have a look at the Commissions page as a starting point.

Wedding Rings

For wedding bands please take a look at my Wedding Rings page.

I can either provide plain bands or design something to fit around your engagement ring.

Bride’s Jewellery

Once you’ve chosen your dress why not select or commission the jewellery that will set it off perfectly?

You could pick up your chosen colours using pearls of different shades or coloured gems or simply stay with diamonds. I can also work with simulated stones such as cubic zirconia if the budget is too tight for real diamonds.


shoe chain

Bridesmaid’s Gifts

I can either design some jewellery for the bridesmaids to wear on the day or provide a range of simple gifts either from the range or to your specification.

Here’s an idea: I’ve been married long enough to know the importance of shoes. I can model your wedding shoe as a keepsake for yourself or as gifts for bridesmaids, maid of honour etc. The first one will cost around £80.00 (in silver) and subsequent ones £40.00 each. bear in mind that this may vary a little depending on the complexity of the shoe in question.

Beyond the range of cufflinks and key rings on this website, I can design something specific and themed for the groom, ushers, Best Man and Father of the Bride. I also work closely with a company that supplies cufflinks to some of the UK’s largest wholesalers and carries a huge range of different designs. Let me know what you want and if I don’t have it we can probably make it at a very reasonable cost.

Hair Adornment

Tiaras I can do, and, in fact I made a rather spectacular one recently and I’m still waiting to find time to work on the image and get it on the web site. It’s going to take hours so the World may have to wait for that.

I’m also developing a range of hair products in silver starting with these silver flowers.

They are on soft silver stems that can be placed in your hair and then folded back to grip. The silver is thin enough to be cut to length with a pair of strong scissors.

Over to you

If you are interested in any of this or if you have ideas of your own that you’d like to put into effect then please contact me. I’d love to contribute to your wedding in any way possible.

silver flowers