interlink bracelet

This web site shows a proportion of my range but there’s more! If you get your hands on my full catalogue then you can see the whole range and you’ll also qualify for discounts and special offers.

I’m trying to move away from the paper catalogue these days. They are expensive and time consuming to make, costly for the planet and I’m sure a lot of them end up in the bin. I’ve therefore developed a pdf version that is hyper linked and cross-referenced so that you can jump from one page to another and link to an online order page if you don’t want to do it by phone or post.

Download the pdf version

This allows you to view the catalogue on your own computer or tablet and connect to the internet to order. You can, of course, order by phone or post instead.

Order the paper catalogue

You can’t sit on the sofa and flick through a memory stick so if you’d like the printed version then use the form here.

You can also use this page to order a ring sizer. Please check the relevant boxes before submitting the form.

The current catalogue is the 7th Edition. If you have anything other than this then you’re not up to date.