Swarovski Pearl Necklace

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I made a version of these necklaces for the Henley Royal Regatta some years back and I’ve had the matching bracelets in the Rogue’s Gallery since then.
I sold a couple of the bracelets last week and it prompted me to drag out my box of bits to see what I had left in terms of materials.

Quite a lot, it seems.

I’ve made these necklaces up with a heart charm that I use on the Heart Cascade pendant, but I’m happy to substitute something else if you’re not keen on hearts. I can even just make up a straight row of pearls with nothing at the front.

So what are they?
Swarovski crystal pearls are actually glass beads with a nacreous coating. They look much like pearls but are heavier and a little more lustrous than your average pearl and, crucially, much, much cheaper.

These necklaces are made with 8mm pearls and are 16″ or 18″ long. They catch with a silver bead a hook safety clasp.

I’m selling them at a marked reduction in order to be able to send them out into the world rather than have them languish in a box for another decade.

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