Reticulated rose ring


I was making a three gold ring for a friend (pictured) and, inevitably we had several goes at getting the silver shank the right size and fit so I made up one of the prototypes with a wide, reticulated rose gold insert.

It’s a little over a size R and a little under 12mm wide so it’s a large ring. I photographed it on one of my severed hands. Well, okay, they’re moulded in latex I think. I bought them from Singapore where hands are, as a rule, smaller, so you can see that the ring dwarfs it to some degree and that should give you an idea of scale.
The silver base is curved on the inside, though, and this makes a wide ring much more comfortable to wear.

There’s several grams of rose gold in the ring and this is reflected in the price but it’s nonetheless very good value for what it is. I’m happy to make another one to your size but you’d probably want to consider a narrower width for sizes under about an N.


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