Moonrise pendant


This is a one-off that I designed around this unusual diamond that was offered to me by my diamond dealer. It’s a third of a carat half moon stone that measures 6.5mm 3.8.

I’ve set it in 18ct yellow gold with a deep purple, truncated amethyst marquise that started life as a 16 X 8mm stone but now measures 11.5 X 8. The pendant is hinged between the stones to give it a little movement.

This one, pictured, is sold now but I can reproduce it or offer it in different metals and with a different coloured stone if you like. As such the price to the right should be taken as a guide.
I’ve also been asked to make a slightly larger one in peridot and another in black onyx, both of which you can see on this page.

If you like the concept but don’t have fifteen hundred pounds knocking around then you might be interested in the Flame pendant which comes in at a rather more affordable £90.

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