9ct gold trillion twist ring


Here we have:
A 9ct gold ring with an amethyst and an iolite set in 18ct white gold.

What’s the story?
This one used to be part of my gold ring range but it was not easy to make and so I dropped it.

The sank is 5mm and it twists up at the shoulders to meet the 18ct white settings. It was made in the days when you could use 18ct gold without the need for a second mortgage so I used it here to give a better colour contrast. The stones are 4mm from corner to corner

Why buy it?:

it’s rather unusual, especially with the different stones. I could probably get them out and set something different if you plied me with a bit of extra money.

It’s a N,1/2 now and I could size it up a few sizes for free or down for £30.

Save yourself: £200.


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