Ring sizes

Ring sizes are tricky if you’re buying on the web and so if you buy and find that it doesn’t fit I’m prepared to resize and send it backwards and forwards until we get it right.

It does help if you know your size and I can work from either UK American or European sizes.
There’s a table here that shows all the various scales so if you know your American size, or the circumference of the ring, then you can use that to convert it to the British scale.

Free ring sizer

ring sizer freeeeThe best way to get an accurate size is to go into a jewellery shop and ask them to measure you. you might want to express a mild interest in buying something as well, although, as a rule, jewellers don’t mind offering this service for free.
As an alternative, I can send you out a plastic ring sizer like the one pictured here. They are not 100% accurate because rings of different profiles will measure slightly differently, but will do well enough. You can request one from my Catalogue page.

If all else fails

Make a thin cone out of paper and slip the ring onto it. Draw around the inside of the ring with a sharp pencil where it touches the paper on the underside. Unfurl the paper and measure the line. You can enter this measurement (in mm) in the shopping cart or email me with the length.

If it’s a gift

Mostly, she’s going to wake up if you try to slip a plastic ring sizer onto her finger in the dead of night. I can, however, get pretty close from a dress size.
If you’re still not sure then you can just enter La for a standard ladies size (about L, M or N in the UK scale) or Ge for a standard Gent’s size (S,T,U).
I send all rings out with a plastic ring sizer so if it doesn’t fit you can send it back with some idea of what it should have been. You get one resizing for free with any ring purchase (as long as it’s the ring I sold you and not the one that Granny gave you when you were 6).


I supply bangles at a standard ladies size which gives a circumference of about 19cm on an oval. If you need them bigger or smaller then I suggest you get some wire (gardening wire is good) and twist a loop that will just get over your hand. Please note that it’s the hand size that’s important here, and it’s no use measuring your wrist.
Unwrap the wire and measure the length between the parts that were twisted together and e-mail me this dimension with your name via the contact page. I can then match it up with your bangle order. If, when it turns up, your bangle doesn’t fit then you can send it back for a free adjustment (once!).


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