Sansa Stark Stole My Design

You may or may not be aware that a fantasy epic is just drawing to a close.
Watching it the other day I realised that the creative team from Game of Thrones must have been poking around my workshop because Sansa Stark was sporting something that looked suspiciously like a design that I was developing this time last year.
Of course, it had lost something of its subtlety and was no longer what you would call ‘everyday wear’.

sansa stark necklace

Actually this basic design has been used quite widely but I’ve been working on a refinement that allows you to keep the elements in proportion and interchange them for different occasions and dress styles.

The limitation has always been that the size of the drop is dictated by the size of the ring that it has to pass through.
Fine if there is no drop at all and you’re going to just anchor it to your sword belt like a safety chain for your head, but if you want a decent sized drop but also a subtle ring then you’re in trouble.

But not any more.

My version incorporates a little catch that attaches the ring to the chain so that you can keep the ring small but still have a decent sized element on the drop; in this case, a gold bead.
You can click the image if you’d like to see more.

The whole system is modular and the next iteration involves gem set hoops and collars that make the piece much more dressy and allow you to interchange colours.

That’s coming soon.

sansa necklace hoops

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