Argentium flex bracelet

My niece asked me to make a bracelet for her mother last Christmas.
Nothing special, just a carat and a half of diamonds set into a flexible bracelet made from yellow, white and rose gold.
After hours of cogitation and messing about with different concepts, I came up with a solution that I thought would work and just hoped that, when I got the pieces back from the caster, it would all go together as I’d envisaged.
Christmas came. I was slightly greyer. The thing worked and my sister in law was delighted.


Flex bracelet in gold an dd


Argentium Flex

Much as I love it, I appreciate that it’s not going to be within everyone’s reach in terms of price and so I’ve been working to produce a new version of the design but using Argentium silver and gold.

This one has around 60 Argentium silver elements and there’s a meter and half of gold wire that goes to make the little dome headed pins that hold the links together.  The whole thing takes me a couple of days to make but the result is pleasing and it’s very light and easy to wear.

I tell you a bit more about it in the video below and you can buy it with either yellow or rose gold detail on the Flex Bracelet page. I’m still working on a refinement of the gold and diamond version and I’ll happily give you a quote for that one if you want to contact me.


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