Ring Sections

The section of a ring is the shape that you will see if you cut a chunk out of it and look at the cut end.
For the images below, I’ve done this for you to save you the trouble.
These are the basic sections that I work in but, if you can dream up something else then I’ll gladly make it up for you.


Plain silver court rings
Curved on the outside and slightly less curved on the inside to make it a little more comfortable.
Simple, classic and easy to wear and suitable for pretty much any ring size.




Plain rectangular section ring
I would tend to make them a little shallower as the ring size increases in order to keep them comfortable to wear.




Shallow Reversed D

Plain shallow reversed D section ring
Another easy-to-wear classic.
Somethings called a ‘comfort fit’, this one is curved on the inside and flat on the top. For very small sizes you might want to go for the ‘true D section’ in order that the ring not be too flimsy.



True Reversed D

Plain silver true D section ring
This one has a section that is half a circle so, if the ring is 5mm wide, it will be 2.5mm deep.
Especially for larger sizes and widths, this can get a bit uncomfortable (and expensive!) so I’d suggest you don’t go above 4mm for a ladies ring, or 6mm for a gent’s. Unless you really like chuncky jewellery that is.


Deep Reversed D

Plain silver deep d section ring
I wouldn’t suggest going above 3.5mm width for the reasons mentioned above, but it’s fine in a 3 or 3.5mm width.





Plain oval section ring
These are nice, positive chuncky rings and I’ll make them up to 8mm wide which constitutes a serious bit of metal. 4mm is a good size for a lady and 6mm for a man. These are the basis for the popular Gold Stripe rings and I’ve made these as wedding rings in various metal combinations.


Shallow Oval

Shallow oval ring
These sit a little lower on the finger and so are a little more comfortable to wear. The section is the shape formed by two intersecting circles and is a nice alternative to the traditional court section.


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