Calypso Variations

I’ve had a lot of interest in the Calypso design since I introduced it a couple of years ago and have been asked to make it in different metals and set with different stones. I’ve put a few of them on this page so that you can see the possibilities. I’ve also been asked to make a wedding band to go with it and you can see this below as well. There is now also a silver version set with a 6 x 4mm pear shaped gem stone and a 4 x 2mm diamond. I’m offering it in silver but I can equally well make it in gold or any other metal. If you’re interested in this. or anything else you see here, then please contact me.

Engagement ring and wedding band in 18ct yellow gold set with rubellite garnets.

With diamond and aquamarine.

This one is a variation on the Telesto ring. The large pear diamond is still a 75pt stone but I’ve added a 30 point stone in the second curve. This one also has a wedding band to fit.

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Gold Calypso

Silver Calypso

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