The trouble with fingers

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I met a lady at a 50th birthday party last year.
Like many ladies at that stage in their lives, her body was proving uncooperative and one aspect of this was that her rings no longer fitted her.

She had been to various jewellers and had been given various quotes, all of which were, to my mind, preposterous.

“I have three rings.” she said, “They need to go up by two sizes, and he quoted me £100 … a size!”

I quickly struggled to do the maths in my head and, whilst not able to come up with an actual figure, I did establish that this was probably quite a lot of money.

All this makes me very angry.

For the months of May and June, I’m offering to size your rings for £25.
There will be some exceptions:

  • If it’s an Eternity ring with stones all the way around.
  • If I have to add a significant amount of gold or platinum.
  • If we’re going from a very small size to a large one.

The vast majority of rings, though, I can do for £25.

Here’s how it works

  • Order a free ring sizer using the form below.
  • Send me your rings by Special Delivery (which is as safe as houses).
  • I’ll contact you if any of the rings you send is going to cost more than £25.
  • I’ll email you an invoice for payment and then return your rings by Special Delivery at the cost of £7.00.

It’s time to wear your rings again

Fingers change size and shape throughout your life. Weight loss, weight gain, illness, arthritis, menopause. You shouldn’t be exploited just to get your rings to fit again so take advantage of this offer and get them back on your finger.


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    One Reply to “The trouble with fingers”

    1. Hi Jez,
      I hope you and you family are keeping safe and well.

      I have packaged up 4 of your rings that need resizing to a size S please. The amethyst one has a chip but don’t worry I love it anyway.
      Kindest regards

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