Silver Orca

‘On Margate sands I can connect nothing with nothing,
Just the broken fingernails of dirty hands.’
The Wasteland by T.S. Elliot
(Just something that was running though my head as I re-watched this video.)

Some pieces you just can’t photograph. Too many reflective surfaces to be able to adequately capture the form.
This silver Orca is one such piece. It was a commission for a client who had previously bought my silver Manta Ray for his wife. She loved the heavy, solidity of the thing and, being a fan of Orcas, he thought we should try and achieve the same thing with this new commission. The video shows you some of the stages involved in making something like this.

With this sort of thing I generally cast two in case one fails. I therefore have one to sell and it’s in the Rogue’s Gallery if you’d like to view it.

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