I’ve been making these interlinking bracelets and necklaces for years. They are one of my simplest and most successful designs.

I have found that that after about 20 years the gold beads start to wear out and need replacing but this is usually because they are worn every day which, in itself is a good indication. When this happens I replace the beads at cost because I’m just pleased that they are being worn and loved so much.

I’ve made  a short video to demonstrate how they work. This is partly because, once in a while, someone thinks that they’ve broken theirs whereas they actually need to just  thread it back together again. This discovery is the prelude to hours of fun.

When my kids were small and annoying we used to go to restaurants armed with crayons, small toys and various compact creative equipment. Those 15 minutes waiting for food were otherwise unbearable. If you have an interlink bracelet, or better still, a necklace, then your problems are solved. I do, however, suggest that you attach a piece of thread to each  link so that you can retrieve them from your child’s throat if necessary. Although I’m happy to sell you individual links, why incur unnecessary expense? and other methods of retrieval are, it has to be said, much less attractive.

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