From sovereign to ring

One good aspect of the gold price going bananas some years back, is that it’s prompted a certain amount of recycling.

This obviously benefits the client who gets new jewellery for old at a very reasonable price, but it also benefits the environment and helps to reduce the demand for new gold which is often mined under conditions of exploitation.
One client brought me a half sovereign that she’d had in the family for years. She had no use for it and didn’t feel that mounting it in a ring was really the look she was going for.

It did mean something to her, though, and she wanted to wear it in some way so we decided to turn it into a plain band.

You may know that sovereigns are made from 22ct gold so it’s almost pure and is lovely to work, so long as you don’t introduce oxygen or contaminates when you melt it.

The gallery below shows the process from sovereign to ring and from something that was lying in a draw to something that can be worn every day.


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