Once in a while I get a challenging commission which I both love and hate.

This is the second incarnation of a gent’s leather bracelet that I was asked to make for a client. The first incarnation failed to stay on the wrist and so it came back to me to have the catch redesigned.

Designing catches is something that I enjoy but I find it fiendishly difficult to come up with something that is simple, yet secure and that also can be operated with one hand.

Putting this one together took the best part of two days and involved a lot of mucking about with different configurations and tiny springs made from guitar strings. Any thought of making a profit disappeared very early on but there’s still a pleasure to had from staggering over the finish line and ending up with something that looks good … and actually works! You can see some of the stages in the construction in the gallery below.

So far client and bracelet have remained integrated and I’m hopeful that they will remain so, as I’m not sure I could face designing the Mk III.

leather bracelet open
leather bracelet in the makingleather bracelet construction

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