A Gallery of Ordinary People

Ha ha!

How to get 15% of any order from my web site.

I love making beautiful objects. I create and photograph them as objects but, of course, jewellery is not just an object; it’s meant to be worn.
It’s often hard to judge the scale and form of a piece of jewellery from an image so I’ve started thinking that I should photograph some of my pieces on models and build up a gallery on my web site. That way, others can see what the jewellery actually looks like on a real person.

This is a Jewellery model
jewellery model

She is young and beautiful with perfect skin, £100 worth of makeup (that probably took an hour to apply) and, in this case, a convenient handle to enable you to rotate the head for that perfect shot.
She looks unhappy. I can only assume that this also is important.
We all know how this works: the message is, “If I buy that necklace then I’ll look like that.”


This is Mary

I know very little about her other than she allowed her image to be ‘labelled for reuse’, but I’m quite sure that she’s an extraordinary person; most people are if you dig a little.
Mary probably has more in common with most of the women who wear my jewellery than does the model above.
She also looks happy which is what I’m aiming for.
It’s you ordinary, extraordinary people that I want showcasing my work.

How to get your 15% discount

I need a photograph of you (or a part of you) wearing a piece of my jewellery. If I can use it then I’ll email you with your 15% discount code.  If you’d prefer me not to use your name then that’s okay.

A few tips

Take it in natural light if possible.
Make sure that the size or resolution is big enough to see the jewellery clearly.
It doesn’t have to contain your face, although, with earrings, this could prove tricky.
The file size is limited to 10Mb so you may have to smallify your image before you upload it.


When you’re ready:

    Upload your jpg, png or giff


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